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There is a danger in the production process of petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/23 17:23:36
Petroleum resin production process used in all belong to the flammable and explosive items, but also has a certain toxicity.
Petroleum resin in the raw material fractionation, polymerization and product fractionation unit has a large number of pentane and pentadiene and other substances, these substances have low boiling point, low flash point, once leaked out will quickly gasification, and in the air diffusion to form an explosive mixture, if the treatment is not timely, fire sources may fire and explosion.
Polymerization reaction is exothermic reaction, the faster the reaction, the more intense the heat. If the heat can not be removed timely, it will cause the temperature rise and pressure increases. When the pressure exceeds the capacity of the reactor, there may be a container rupture explosion. When the catalyst into the runaway, diene continuous feed, and stirrer to stop mixing, are likely to cause the reaction out of control, a lot of heat. So there is a risk of reaction to the explosion during the polymerization reaction.
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