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Petroleum resin act as modifier or tackifying resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/22 17:21:23
The graft copolymer of unsaturated monomer and PE is used as the base material, and the ethylene-based elastomer, the petroleum resin and the styrene-based elastomer are used as the modifier or the tackifying resin, the inorganic TiO2 as the whitening agent, and the polyethylene wax viscosity adjusting agent, and adding antioxidants and other additives for blending modification, obtained with good adhesion, flexibility, mobility and anti-aging properties of aluminum-plastic composite pipe with hot melt adhesive. The addition of ethylene elastomers can significantly improve the adhesion properties of hot melt adhesives.
At present, the domestic type of hot melt adhesive on the aluminum foil bonding strength is relatively low, anti-aging performance is not very good, it is due to graft modification method alone can not achieve high adhesion adhesive properties. The grafting performance of the grafted PE hot melt adhesive is related to the grafting rate. The higher the grafting ratio is, the stronger the bond ratio is. When the grafting ratio exceeds a certain value, the bonding property of the hot melt adhesive increases with the grafting rate high and stable. In addition, it is difficult to achieve a high grafting rate during the melt grafting reaction due to the presence of cross-linking in the graft reaction, and the increase in the grafting rate will inevitably lead to an increase in the gel content affecting the flow of hot melt adhesive. Therefore, in order to obtain high-performance hot-melt adhesives, it is necessary to introduce other modifiers in the system.
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