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C5 petroleum resin refining

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/21 17:19:13
The neutralized polymerization solution is usually washed with a flashing process to distill off the unpolymerized C5 component and solvent and then remove the oligomer in the resin by stripping. We used the first atmospheric distillation, after vacuum distillation, separation of non-polymerized C5 components, solvents and oligomers of the process line preparation of C5 petroleum resin.
The wash to neutral polymer solution is first heated in a still pot and the distillate is passed through a water cooler to collect unfolymerized C5 components and solvent (recycled). When the temperature of the kettle liquid rose to 130 ~ 140 ¡æ, distillation is completed after the liquid cooled to 200 ¡æ when the discharge, cooling and forming is C5 petroleum resin products.
(1) The use of heat polymerization, catalyst deactivation and vacuum distillation process, can be light-colored C5 petroleum resin, the hue can be below 6, softening point greater than 82 ¡æ.
(2) Using water washing method, the deactivation of the catalyst, the process is simple, low cost.
(3) Thermal conditions are the key to the hue of C5 petroleum resin. The higher the temperature, the higher the resin hue, but the lower the yield and softening point of the resin. Only in the appropriate thermal conditions, in order to make the resin hue low, improve the softening point and yield.
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