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Removal of Catalysts in C5 Petroleum Resin Synthesis

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/21 17:18:40
The removal of catalyst is a key link in the synthesis of C5 petroleum resin. The removal of catalyst will directly affect the performance of petroleum resin products and will seriously affect the progress of the whole post-treatment process.
At present, domestic and foreign catalyst removal process is generally alcohol washing, washing and dry cleaning. Good removal of the catalyst process should be the operation of the process is not emulsified, not bruising, no corrosion equipment, solvent recovery is simple, clear layers, resin color light and less pollution, washing method to remove the catalyst effect is good, simple equipment, low cost, no corrosion, proved to be a good removal of the catalyst process route.
The deactivation of the catalyst is accomplished by mixing the various aqueous solutions with the polymerization solution, and then separating the hydrocarbon material from the aqueous phase containing the precipitation catalyst. Therefore, the use of different aqueous washing solution, the catalyst removal effect is different.
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