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Reaction temperature has a great influence on the performance of C5 petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/20 17:23:01
After the heat of the C5 raw material petroleum, polymerization in the intermittent device to produce light-colored petroleum resin. The reaction temperature has a great influence on the performance of C5 petroleum resin.
With the increase of the polymerization temperature, the yield of the resin increases, but the softening point of the resin decreases, and the hue change is not obvious.
Start feeding and feeding process temperature ¡Ü 5 ¡æ, the maximum can not exceed 10 ¡æ. The polymerization temperature is controlled at 20 to 25 ¡ãC. In addition, to strictly control the feeding rate, C5 light group of liquid feed rate on the resin performance of the great test results show that, C5 light component of the dosing speed, especially at the beginning of the dosing speed, a great impact on the resin hue. Dosing too fast, will produce a large number of gels, the resin hue deep, seriously affect the performance of the resin. Dosing time control in 2.5 ~ 3.0 h is appropriate.
In the case of other reaction conditions, with the reaction time, the resin yield increased, the softening point also increased, the color basically no change. From the industrial production and economic benefits, the polymerization time control in 3 ~ 4 h is appropriate.
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