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Downturn of petroleum resin market

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/17 17:15:14
In recent years, domestic and international economic situation has shown a weak development, coupled with the national environmental quality requirements to improve, so the state of domestic high-polluting industries to rectify, the petroleum resin industry did not escape.
With the domestic economic downturn, the petroleum resin industry has quietly changed. Production capacity is small, low competitiveness of the majority of petroleum resin manufacturers were eliminated. In addition to the improvement of environmental quality requirements of the country, small-scale manufacturers of their own equipment behind the lack of raw material supply and low profits under the manufacturers repayment of credit is an important reason for individual petroleum resin enterprises shut down. Most of the market is to retain the strong competitiveness, strong ability to withstand the enterprise, and can fully rely on the surrounding rich ethylene cracked raw materials.
C5 petroleum resin market pushed up the corresponding, but by the overall weak demand for weak market, resin market performance is not ideal, there is no signs of consumption season, the overall situation is still unsatisfactory.
First, the overall profit. At present, the high profit margins of C5 petroleum resin are derived from the direct decline in the price of pentadiene from direct raw materials, while the majority of C5 separators have their own C5 petroleum resin units. In terms of separation enterprises. And then additional processing costs, raw material costs, labor costs, etc.. To separate the enterprise point of view, the current period is only completely transferred to the C5 petroleum resin, through the resin device to make its full separation device.
Second, the capital. C5 petroleum resin, although the current high profits, but the terminal demand side has not been warmer performance. Manufacturers shipments have been in a weak situation. And C5 petroleum resin as a high value-added, high-priced products, a higher share of funds, which led to the entire enterprise's capital flow is weak. Capital costs will erode part of the profit situation.
Third, the substitute market performance is stable. The recent performance of the overall stability of the rosin market, the recent emergence of a strong trend, affected by rosin resin as C5 petroleum resin in the application of adhesive alternatives, the price performance is relatively stable.
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