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Separation and Utilization of Light and Heavy Components of C5 Petroleum Resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/17 17:13:32
The thermally polymerized C5 starting material is subjected to distillation to obtain a light component (¡Ü70 ¡ãC) and a heavy component. The use of light components for polymerization can be obtained light C5 petroleum resin, the technical indicators can be achieved: hue <7 (50% toluene solution Gardnar level); softening point of 80 ~ 100 ¡æ. If a small amount of the additive is added to the polymerization solution, the softening point of the C5 petroleum resin can be increased to 80 to 120¡æ.
In the heavy component are basically saturated hydrocarbons or double polyolefin and other macromolecules. Distilled under reduced pressure to give a dicyclopentadiene resin. If this part of the petroleum resin to take into account the low yield, energy consumption is more, this part of the heavy component can be directly used as gasoline blending components. Alternatively, the heavy fraction of the alkane is distilled to a 6 # solvent oil. The remainder of the bottom of the kettle is mostly dicyclopentadiene and other heavy components, by heat polymerization, vacuum distillation and other means to make dicyclopentadiene resin.
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