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Refining of C5 petroleum resin raw materials

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/16 17:21:33
The composition of C5 petroleum resin fraction is very complicated, among which there are three kinds of high value: the content of isoprene is 15%-20%, the mass content of cyclopentadiene is 12%-17%, mass content is 10% to 20%, its content with the re-increase of raw materials. The active fraction in the C5 fraction is about 70%.
The practical experience at home and abroad shows that if the mass content of cyclopentadiene in the C5 fraction is more than 1%, the resin hue of the polymerization reaction is>7. If the C5 petroleum resin hue ¡Ü 7, you need to remove the cyclopentadiene, in order to obtain light C5 petroleum resin. This is because cyclopentadiene is easy to form insoluble gel, so that C5 petroleum resin hue increased. Therefore, the first raw materials to be refined, refined C5 fractions and then polymerization, refining method is usually thermal polymerization.
The thermal dimerization of the raw materials in the C5 fractions of many monomers, cyclopentadiene activity is higher, and the best thermal polymerization, cyclopentadiene is heated when the dimer to produce dicyclopentadiene, and bicyclopentane. The boiling point of the olefins is high and is easily separated from the linear olefins. It can be used thermal polymerization of cyclopentadiene.
The higher the temperature, the higher the resin hue, the lower the yield and the softening point of the resin. Only in the appropriate thermal conditions, in order to make the resin hue low, and softening point and higher yield.
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