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How to produce C5 petroleum resin?

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/16 17:20:48
C5 petroleum resin is mainly used for adhesives and rubber tackifier, ink, paper sizing agent, adhesive tape, hot melt adhesives and various additives such as coatings.
C5 petroleum resin polymerization process can be divided into raw materials, refining, polymerization, washing and vacuum distillation and other four parts. The process is as follows:
In the container equipped with reflux condenser, thermometer and electric stirrer, add appropriate amount of anhydrous AlCl3 and a certain amount of toluene, stirring about 20 ~ 30 min, until the water bath temperature ¡Ü 5 ¡æ, began to drop C5 light group sub-raw materials (began to slow, and gradually increase the rate of drop), about 3 h drops finished. And then at a certain temperature reaction 3 ~ 4 h.
After the deactivation of the polymerization solution, vacuum distillation under vacuum <4 ¡Á 103 Pa, when the reactor polymer solution temperature reached 300 ~ 310 ¡æ (depending on the product softening point requirements), the maintenance of 20 ~ 30 min, stop heating, kettle liquid temperature dropped to 200 ¡æ when the closed pressure system, and the liquid material to release, cooling, forming, that is, C5 petroleum resin products.
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