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Spectroscopic Analysis of Chemical Structure of C9 Petroleum Resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/15 17:16:27
C-9 petroleum resin macromolecular chains exist unsaturated double bonds (non-benzene ring double bond), these double bonds are mostly in the form of terminal olefins exist, through these unsaturated double bond we can introduce maleic anhydride, fumaric acid, methacrylic acid and a series of active monomer, so as to provide the chemical modification of petroleum resin possible.
From the Py /GC-MS analysis of C-9 petroleum resin, it can be seen that the molecular chain of petroleum resin is composed of five-membered ring, six-membered ring and bicyclic(styrene) composed of hydrocarbon elements (and a small amount of other elements), indene, dicyclopentadiene and their homologues as a host and between them are linked with an aliphatic hydrocarbon short chain. This molecular composition also determines the petroleum resin is a weak polarity, with good hydrophobic properties. This structural feature also makes the C-9 petroleum resin main body carbon chain is rich in benzene branch and has good bonding performance, and the petroleum resin macromolecule chain on the olefin double bond for the introduction of active groups. By introducing the active monomer in its molecular chain to improve its compatibility with the polar compound and dispersibility, it can be further made into a water-based emulsion.
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