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Demand and Forecast of Domestic Market for Petroleum Resin

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Domestic petroleum resin market, some of the domestic exports of resin, used for foreign rubber processing and hydrogenation of petroleum resin raw materials. Domestic use of a series of petroleum resin and C5, C9 copolymer resin and hydrogenated petroleum resin are mostly imported from abroad.

In recent years with the rapid development of the domestic ethylene industry, by-product cracking C5, C9 fractions increasingly rich. Only C9, for example, in 2000 the national crack C9 resource volume of 517,000 t, is expected to reach 967,000 t in 2005, of which the demand for cracking resin C9 will reach 240,000 t, will account for C9 resources 24.8%. At present, China's ethylene cracking C9 fractions, most of the fuel oil used, the advantages of resources can not be effectively played. Vigorously develop the market demand for special oil resin, on the one hand can make full use of resources, on the other hand can improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

With the expansion of the market and the development of technology, the application of China's petroleum resin is in the stage of rapid development, the current use of petroleum resin for the adhesive is 28,000 t / a. In the rubber processing can be completely replaced by coal tar system of benzofuran - indene resin and partially replaced rosin resin, the amount is increasing rapidly, the current demand for 24,000 t / a. Road paint paint in the annual demand of 18,000 t, in the paint, ink, paper and other aspects of the annual demand for petroleum resin in 25,000 t or so, in addition to oilfield chemicals, asphalt modifier, etc. also have a certain amount. In summary, the current annual demand for domestic petroleum resin is about 100,000 t, in recent years will be 12% annual growth rate. Is expected in 2005 the demand for petroleum resin will reach more than 20 million t, high-quality special grades of petroleum resin has a great development prospect.

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