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The production trend of petroleum resin is moving towards large-scale and diversified varieties

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/3/20 17:20:58
In recent years, China's imports of petroleum resin increased year by year, in 2000 reached 28,000 t, imported products are high-grade special grade petroleum resin. In view of this situation, the domestic large-scale petrochemical companies to adopt technology and joint ventures to accelerate the development of China's petroleum resin.
The world's developed countries, the trend of production of petroleum resin is toward the scale of large-scale, variety diversity, brand series of the direction of development. The international market of high-quality petroleum resin, the color is less than 3 #, softening point above 100 ¡æ, has been generally used hydrogenated petroleum resin, technology has been widely used, the number of special grades of petroleum resin continues to increase, the application area continues to expand. In contrast, China's petroleum resin industry is only a starting stage. As the supply of raw materials of petroleum resin is unstable, the mixed fractions lack the necessary separation and purification means, and the production technology is relatively backward, which causes the resin to have deep color and poor thermal stability, so that its application range is greatly limited.
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