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Development Status of Petroleum Resin at Home and Abroad

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At present, the production of petroleum resin is mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan and Western Europe and other countries and regions, the rapid growth of petroleum resin production, the current major western countries, the production capacity is about 98 million t /a. The United States is a major producer of petroleum resin, petroleum resin and C5 petroleum resin production capacity of western countries are more than 50% of production capacity, followed by Japan, accounting for about 20%, 20% of European countries, other countries accounted for 10%.
As early as 1910 the United States carried out research and development of petroleum resin, but until the 1940s by the United States Picco company C5 aliphatic petroleum resin industrial production, and has been to produce C5 petroleum resin. At present, the main manufacturers of the United States are Exxon, Amoco, Picco, Uelsicol and so on more than a dozen chemical companies, the total production capacity of more than 500,000 t /a, the largest manufacturer is Exxon company, C5 petroleum resin capacity of 150,000 t /a.
With the progress of petroleum resin production technology, application areas and the use of the ever-expanding, only Japan, for example, in the early 90s of the 20th century, road marking paint consumption has reached about 30,000 t, accounting for the annual consumption of petroleum resin of the 25%. Aromatic petroleum resins are used extensively in the coatings and inks, with Japan accounting for about 60% of its total use in the field. In recent years, the development of foreign petroleum resin technology, mainly the use of different comonomer and the amount of petroleum resin to develop new varieties to meet the different purposes. In addition to C5, C9 copolymer, the common comonomer is vinyl acetate, maleic anhydride, styrene, bisphenol A, o-cresol, pinene, terpene, aromatic compounds. Such as C5, C9 copolymer resin both the characteristics of aliphatic resin and aromatic resin; copolymer resin can improve the compatibility with polar polymers to improve the heat resistance of aliphatic resin and weather resistance. The amount of comonomer can be adjusted to obtain different properties of the resin. Such as C5, C9 copolymer resin, the higher the proportion of C9, the higher the softening point and viscosity of the resin, the rigidity becomes larger and the weatherability increases.
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