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Petroleum resin used in rubber processing and adhesives

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Petroleum resins are often used in combination with other polymers to improve or increase some of the characteristics of the product. Because of the low price of petroleum resin, it is compatible with many solvents other than alcohol, and has good compatibility with vegetable oil, natural resin, synthetic resin and plasticizer. Its main use has the following areas:
Rubber processing: petroleum resin used in rubber processing as tackifier. In the production of rubber products into the ingredients of the thickening agent, can play a softening, reinforcing, thickening effect, thereby improving the rubber forming performance, to prevent delamination, bubbles and other issues, the amount is about 15%. C5 petroleum resin can improve the quality of rubber products, the most suitable for butyl tube production, the small interference on the vulcanization can make 105 ¡æ thermal permanent deformation coefficient is reduced, improve the life of butyl inner tube. Foreign has been in styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, halogenated butyl rubber and other synthetic rubber in the extensive use of C5 petroleum resin.
Adhesives: In adhesives, especially hot melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives, petroleum resins are used to enhance viscosity, elasticity and low temperature. Petroleum resin and about the same amount of natural rubber or styrene-butadiene rubber in the solvent can be made of pressure-sensitive adhesive. Natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber or petroleum resin alone, there is no better cohesive force, and in the solvent mixture made of pressure-sensitive adhesive has a strong cohesive force. At present, China's hot melt adhesive used in the main resin is terpene resin and rosin resin, compared with the higher price of petroleum resin, and the hydrogenation of petroleum resin after the heat aging performance is better than terpene resin and rosin resin, so the petroleum resin has begun to replace the terpene resin and rosin resin.
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