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The modification of petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/3/3 17:19:27
At present, the petroleum resin has entered the era of technological competition, the manufacturers actually developed more varieties, new grades and special-type resin, to expand its application range, mainly in the following areas:
The introduction of polar groups of petroleum resin to introduce polar groups, can improve the compatibility with the polar compounds and dispersibility, such as C9 resin and maleic anhydride copolymerization made of maleic anhydride resin, and acrylamide copolymerization of water-soluble petroleum resin, its products can be used as water quality stabilizers and thickeners are widely used in oil and chemical production.
The petroleum resin obtained by the hydrogenation modification method is generally darker in color, thus restricting its application range. Hydrogenation can improve the performance of the resin, hydrogenation mainly slurry, fixed bed, spray tower these 3 kinds of methods, hydrogenation can be used for one or two hydrogenation process, the production method is to dissolve the petroleum resin cyclohexane or mineral oil, nickel or palladium catalyst supported on alumina or diatomite is added and hydrogen is introduced at elevated temperature to carry out hydrogenation reaction. The reaction product is distilled to obtain hydrogenated petroleum resin.
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