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Five series of petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/3/3 17:18:50
Petroleum resin is a by-product of the ethylene plant C5, C9 fractions as the main raw material, polymerization of solid or viscous liquid state of low molecular weight polymer. It has a low acid value, miscible, low melting point, good adhesion, water resistance and chemical resistance and so on. Petroleum resin is divided into five series according to the different raw materials: (1) aliphatic petroleum resin based on C5 fraction or C9 fraction; (2) aromatic petroleum resin based on C9 fraction; (3)  dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) alicyclic petroleum resin; (4) hydrogenated modified petroleum resin.
Ethylene plant by-product C5 (30-70 ¡æ) fractions and C9 (150-190 ¡æ) fractions due to different raw materials, different cracking methods and different depth of cracking, the yield will be very different. With an annual output of 300,000 t ethylene plant, for example, when using light diesel oil and naphtha as the cracking of raw materials, the by-product C5 and C9 fractions of about 100,000 t. In China, most of the C5 and C9 fractions are used as fuel burns, wasting a lot of valuable resources.
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