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The production technology of petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/28 17:01:47
The C5 and C9 fractions of the ethylene plant are used as the starting materials, and after pretreatment of the raw materials such as rectification and cutting, the effective components of the petroleum resin are obtained. After the anhydrous aluminum trichloride or the boron trifluoride ether compound and other catalytic polymerization, washing sedimentation, vacuum flashing and other processes in the system of various grades of petroleum resin. Petroleum resin production process mainly includes the following several processes.
(1) Raw material pretreatment
The C5 and C9 fractions of the ethylene plant were used as the starting materials. After pretreatment of distillation and cutting, the effective components of petroleum resin were obtained and used to produce various petroleum resins.
(2) Reaction, catalyst removal, sediment prepared by the pretreatment of raw materials for the production of petroleum resin effective component is still a multi-component mixture, usually Lewis acid as catalyst, the use of cationic polymerization method, in a certain Multicomponent Polymerization under Reaction Conditions. The choice of catalyst type and the control of reaction conditions are the key points in the process of petroleum resin production, such as resin yield, chroma, softening point and molecular weight distribution of petroleum resin. Reaction, catalyst removal, settling units including reactors and catalyst injection equipment, polymerization reactors and catalyst removal equipment. The raw resin and the AlCl3 catalyst and solvent are continuously injected into the stirred tank reactor to produce the required resin product by controlling the feed recipe and the reaction conditions.
(3) Flashing treatment
The resin liquid from the reaction, catalyst removal and sedimentation unit is stripped, and the solvent or unpolymerized components and oligomers in the raw material are flashed to obtain solid petroleum resin.
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