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Research and development of special use petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/28 16:56:30
C5 petroleum resin is a low molecular weight polymer obtained by the separation and copolymerization of C5 olefins as a by-product of ethylene plant. With its excellent performance and wide application fields, C5 petroleum resin is gaining wide attention from researchers both at home and abroad. In China's petroleum resin industry, C5 petroleum resin production is generally about 35%, in developed countries accounted for about 45%; in addition, most of the domestic petroleum resin device production scale small, single species, poor product quality, especially product color, softening point and other major quality indicators of instability, low degree of specialization, application of small and so inadequate, so excellent preparation and application of C5 petroleum resin is becoming the goal of domestic and foreign researchers chase.
The thermal polymerization process of petroleum resin was optimized by recovering the amount of solvent, the content of toluene, the amount of catalyst, the dosage of antioxidant and the reaction time, so as to obtain petroleum resin with low chromaticity and high softening point. Subsequently, the C5 petroleum resin was modified by using monoolefins to develop a special type of hot-melt road marking paint with low chromaticity, high thermal stability and low melt viscosity. Finally, Olefine resin modified to develop a first viscosity and peel strength excellent hot-melt adhesives for special petroleum resin.
The optimum polymerization conditions were as follows: 70% ~ 80% solvent recovery, 10% ~ 20% toluene content, 0.3% ~ 0.5% antioxidant dosage. The results showed that when the ratio of mono-olefins to diolefins was 0.37: 1, that of iso-pentene was 16%, the comprehensive properties of petroleum resin is best, at this point the softening point of petroleum resin is 99 ¡æ, 4-color Gardner hue, thermal stability does not exceed the Calgary 6 color, the basic close to the United States Exxon E-288S performance, but also best in hot melt type. The performance requirements of road marking paint on the tackifying resin; comprehensive hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive on the performance requirements, the experiment obtained by 10% to 15% of the modified styrene resin properties of the best indicators of styrene modified. The results showed that the pressure-sensitive adhesive prepared by modified petroleum resin, except that the adhesive strength was slightly lower than that of Kensen E-2203LC, -2203LC, the initial adhesion strength and peel strength in terms of performance are better than the Kenson E-2203LC.
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