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Characteristics of C5 Petroleum Resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/27 17:15:22
C5 petroleum resin, has already occupied an important position as tackifying resin. The largest amount of which is hot-melt adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesive, rubber tires and other fields, petroleum resin is suitable for hot-melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesive and rubber tire rubber resin. They are compatible with natural tackifying resins (terpenes, rosins and their derivatives), such as SIS, SBS, SEBS, SEPS and other styrene polymers, natural rubber, synthetic rubber and EVA. The performance of the adhesive to varying degrees of improvement. In recent years, petroleum resin with its high peel strength, fast viscosity, stable adhesion, moderate melt viscosity, good heat resistance, compatibility with the polymer matrix, and low prices, began to gradually Replace the natural tackifying resin and occupy a prominent position.
The characteristics of C5 petroleum resin in the adhesive system:
Good fluidity, can improve the wetting of the main material.
Viscous good, with outstanding initial viscosity performance.
Excellent resistance to aging.
Cohesive strength and peel strength to achieve the best balance.
Light color.
Transparent, low odor, low volatility.
The characteristics of C5 petroleum resin in the field of tire rubber:
Has an excellent thickening.
In the process can play a softening, reinforcing effect, improve the stretch and anti-spalling.
Significantly improve the raw sticky, but does not affect the curing time and vulcanized after the physical properties.
To avoid the adhesion of processing machinery.
To help fill material evenly distributed.
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