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Petroleum resin is more suitable for the use of solvent-based adhesive

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C5 petroleum resin in the transportation and loading and unloading process prohibit the use of sharp hooks and other tools, avoid throwing to avoid damage to the bags, transport shall not be sun exposure or rain, not with sand, metal, coal and other pollutants mixed shipment, not combine with flammable or corrosive materials. Gondola transport must be covered with shed cloth, inside to clean and dry.
Petroleum resin in rubber mixing can be used as: tackifier, reinforcing agent, softener, in order to further improve the organic properties of rubber.
Petroleum resin is more suitable for the use of solvent-based adhesive, it can be with natural rubber and styrene polymers and EVA have good compatibility, and natural rubber resin is also good compatibility, while the pressure-sensitive adhesive properties have different degrees of improvement.
This product is also suitable for other rubber products such as: soles, heels, flooring, rubber tubes, inner tubes and pressure-sensitive adhesives, C5 petroleum resin is specially developed for hot melt road paint, it has a light color, good stability and good flowability, high abrasion resistance, crack resistance, anti-oxidation, uniform distribution of fillers, no sedimentation, good weather resistance, stain resistance, leveling adhesion, etc., is the most hot melt road paint production.
C5 petroleum resin with its high peel strength, fast viscosity, stable adhesion, moderate melt viscosity, good heat resistance, compatibility with the polymer matrix, and low prices, began to gradually replace the natural resin tackifiers(rosin and terpene resins).
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