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There exist flammable and explosive items in petroleum resin production process

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/23 17:24:13
Raw materials of petroleum resin production, some substances such as pentene, pentadiene, cyclopentadiene, styrene and other high temperature or long-term storage can occur self-polymerization reaction. In the self-polymerization process a large number of exothermic, will cause the container rupture and explosion.
The reaction of the polymer viscosity, the pipeline is easy to be blocked, and even cause a safe pressure relief device failure. In this case, equipment and pipelines may be broken, resulting in a large number of material leakage.
Petroleum resin area should have a fire equipment, once the material leaked out, it is easy to spread past contact with the fire, as the ignition source. In addition, the heating oil in the heating furnace also has flammability, such as temperature in the heating process out of control, the temperature exceeds its own ignition point, will fire and even explosion.
The vast majority of raw materials, products and by-products in the production process can easily accumulate static electricity. When transporting and filling, such as the flow rate is too fast and there is no grounding device, electrostatic discharge is liable to occur, causing fire and explosion.
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