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Preparation of petroleum resin by thermal polymerization and initial polymerization process

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/6 17:17:48

The peroxide polymerization initiated radical polymerization is initiated polymerization. The polymerization process is used for the polymerization of high content of styrene and methylstyrene in the polymerization monomer. For example, in the production process of C9 petroleum resin, the temperature of the polymerization is increased by adding 0.5-1.0% of the peroxide initiator. 80-100 ¡ãC for polymerization, the resulting resin products Hue light, the production of three wastes. But the production process of polymerization temperature is higher, longer reaction time, low resin yield, low resin softening point.

The thermal polymerization reaction is carried out on the basis of the Diels-Alder reaction without the use of a catalyst. But the thermal method is only used for the polymerization of monomers to cyclopentadiene or C5 as the main liquid, and 80 hours below the low point or 180 degrees Celsius above the softening point of the production of high-resin. The reaction temperature is 180 ~ 260 ¡æ, the reaction pressure is 0.9-1.5MPa, the polymerization time is 5 ~ 15h. Production process is relatively simple, low energy consumption. But the polymerization process of the resin molecular weight distribution is broad and not concentrated, the resin contains insoluble colloidal particles.

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