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Dicyclopentadiene and dicyclopentadiene petroleum resins

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Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) petroleum resin is the use of C5 fractions obtained by thermal polymerization and distillation separation of industrial dicyclopentadiene or high-purity dicyclopentadiene high temperature and pressure to be polymerization. From the situation of petroleum resin at home and abroad, dicyclopentadiene petroleum resin products usually have higher softening point, better tackifying effect and good stability. DCPD petroleum resin has good solubility, compatibility, water resistance, as well as excellent acid and alkali resistance, cheap, rich source, can be replaced in whole or in part rosin, coumarone resin, dry oil, terpenes Vinyl resin, etc., is widely used. However, due to the relatively dark hue of dicyclopentadiene petroleum, it is not suitable for synthetic adhesives, so it is now the vast majority for the production of rubber mixing and production of various inks.
The application of domestic DCPD in the synthesis of dicyclopentadiene resin is less, more DCPD is used to produce unsaturated polyester resin and ethylene propylene rubber, synthetic DCPD resin is abroad. At present, the domestic used to prepare unsaturated polyester resin and ethylene propylene rubber DCPD about DCPD total output of 35% to 45%. With the gradual improvement of petroleum resin hydrogenation technology, hydrogenation of DCPD petroleum resin color reduction, wide range of uses, preparation of DCPD petroleum resin is an important future development direction, the domestic DCPD resin market has great potential.
DCPD in abroad, the development trend of petroleum resin mainly in: according to the use of requirements, to the multi-species, small batch and high functional development, to achieve higher added value.
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