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The possibility is small of petroleum resin market in the near future to pick up

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/2/4 17:17:21
Downstream market: So far, real estate new home trading situation is not ideal, and mostly wait-and-see state, coupled with restricted credit and other restrictions on the role of a number of control policy portfolio, the property market is difficult to show prime time. However, housing decoration and other industries is the paint, paint the main hammer market, a direct impact on the decline in demand for petroleum resin market, the C9 petroleum resin market, the lack of end-market demand for support, the manufacturers take the goods in poor condition.
Current market: Although the recent price of raw materials more than a callback, but most of the manufacturers due to pre-purchase of high-priced raw materials, combined with the recent oil, ink, paint and other related markets take the goods sluggish, bad demand constraints, the petroleum resin manufacturers to actively seek Shipments. Although the petroleum resin manufacturers to start the load is limited and individual manufacturers maintenance situation in order to avoid the high cost of the risk, but not to the downstream force to make the C9 petroleum resin manufacturers to take the goods more difficult.
From the perspective of the petroleum resin fundamentals, the upstream raw material market continues to weaken, the downstream terminal market is still struggling in the doldrums, short-term view, petroleum resin market demand is difficult to recover. In accordance with the traditional short-term season, after September petroleum resin market or transfer machine, the weather turns cold, the terminal market demand will be restored. While the upstream raw materials market will also be spent suffering period, the cost of petroleum resin business formation support.
The upstream raw material cracking market high, downstream demand slow forward, making the petroleum resin market dilemma, supply and demand side short-term no change under the hold more caution Caopan run mainly. The market outlook, light trading atmosphere, downstream users and more on-demand procurement, coupled with its own supply and demand structure of the petroleum resin market pressure, making the petroleum resin market in the near future to pick up the possibility of smaller, the recent petroleum resin market will run weak Lord, the demand for the situation will continue bad.
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