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C5 /C9 copolymerized petroleum resin

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C5 petroleum resin has the characteristics of high softening point and deep color, but the color of C5 petroleum resin is relatively shallow, but the softening point is low, and the C5 / C9 copolymer resin with comparatively light color and softening point can be obtained by copolymerization. As the chain has both aromatic hydrocarbons and aliphatic hydrocarbons and showed C5 petroleum resin and C9 common characteristics of petroleum resin, a good make up for the C5 petroleum resin and C9 petroleum resin defects, and gradually get the market recognition. The annual output of this kind of resin showed a steady increase, and the share of the resin resin industry increased year by year. Compared with C9 petroleum resin, this kind of resin has good compatibility with natural rubber and is an excellent tackifier. Compared with C5 petroleum resin, this kind of resin has high softening point and is important for manufacturing industries such as ink and adhesive. Raw materials; In addition, the resin in the paper, plastics and other manufacturing industries have a wide range of uses.

C9 aromatic petroleum resin mainly by the C9 fractions by thermal polymerization or in the role of initiator by cationic polymerization. C9 fraction is the ethylene plant by-product by 140 ~ 200 ¡æ distillation of the distillate is split naphtha or naphtha extracted benzene, toluene, xylene after the residue, the yield is very high, accounting for about 10% of the total output of ethylene 10% to 20%.

Aliphatic C5 petroleum resin is mainly from the C5 fractions of piperylene component as the main raw material obtained by cationic polymerization of low molecular weight polymer, usually referred to as C5 petroleum resin or meta-pentadiene resin, the world's total output is about 29.5 million t / a. C5 petroleum resin with low color, low acid value, good adhesion, low melting point, water and corrosion resistance, etc., it is also one of the most widely used petroleum resin, but it also has a lower softening point, and other polar polymers and other poor compatibility of the shortcomings.

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