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Development Trend of Petroleum Resin Industry in International

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/1/19 17:20:10

Internationally, raw materials and technology constraints, there are still some of the ethylene production capacity of backward countries can not independently produce petroleum resin, need to rely on a large number of imports to meet its domestic road marking paint, adhesive industry development needs. The main importing countries are India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other emerging economies, accounting for about half of China's petroleum resin exports; in addition, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea is the main destination of China's petroleum resin exports, the rapid development of shale gas after the cracking of byproducts of ethylene light, petroleum resin production of raw materials cracking C5, C9 production decreased, so from China's imports of petroleum resin has become an important channel.

2016 for the "thirteen five" first year, in the planning, new urban construction, full liberalization under the general trend of road infrastructure, construction, automotive, health supplies and other industries development will paint, adhesive development opportunities. Despite the slow development of the world economy, infrastructure construction in emerging economies is essential, is expected to the future development of the petroleum resin industry will continue to show an upward trend in 2016, China's total exports of petroleum resin will reach a new level.

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