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The Latest Development of Petroleum Resin Industry

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/1/19 17:19:12

In recent years, China C5 petroleum resin industry is developing rapidly, both in production capacity and technology have rapid development. According to statistics, C5 petroleum resin production capacity from 300,000 tons in 2011 increased to 500,000 tons, and there are still enterprises in the production or expansion.

Petroleum resin is a by-product of petroleum cracking C5, C9 fractions, pre-treatment, polymerization, distillation and other processes to produce a thermoplastic resin, it is not a polymer, but the molecular weight of 300-3000 oligomers. Petroleum resin is divided into two kinds of C5 and C9.

With the rapid shrinkage of production capacity of C9 petroleum resin, C5 petroleum resin industry can be described as a meteoric rise, wind and water. This is not only with its downstream road marking paint, adhesive development are inseparable, due to the substantial increase in China's oil resin exports, but also ease the pressure on domestic supply increased.

March petroleum resin exports up to 16394 tons, a record high, China has become a major exporter of petroleum resin. Domestically, China's ethylene production capacity is abundant, there are more abundant raw materials cracking C5 petroleum resin. With the domestic petroleum resin technology continues to progress and popularization, more and more enterprises with production and processing capacity of petroleum resin, petroleum resin production capacity expands unceasingly.

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