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Characteristics of petroleum resin index

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1. Softening point
The temperature at which the resin deforms at a given heat load. The softening point gives the viscosity index within the resin which is controlled by the average molecular weight of the oligomer. The softening point of the resin is generally determined by the relative molecular weight of the resin and the structure of the resin. The higher the relative molecular mass, the higher the specific gravity of the ring structure, the higher the softening point of petroleum resin. The petroleum resin has a softening point of about 40 to 50¡æ higher than the glass transition temperature Tg, a Tg of the C5 petroleum resin is about 20¡æ or higher, and the Tg of the NR is about -70¡æ. Softening point of the customer's significance is: the reaction of the polymer solution properties to help customers get the required temperature, the most suitable product formulations. That is, in the required temperature, the most suitable product initial viscosity. The softening point of petroleum resin is high and the cohesive strength of resin is high.

2. Color
When the resin component contains higher polar functional groups or double bonds or triple bonds, it is easy to produce darker colors. Therefore, when the formulation contains non-hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin and natural rosin and terpene derivatives such as the higher polarity of the raw materials, usually with hydrogenated components than the distribution of the darker. The presence of double bonds in the molecular chain of petroleum resin, yellow light through, so it looks yellow. By hydrogenation can make the double bond saturation, petroleum resin appears to be water white.

When the resin reacts with oxygen in the air at high temperatures, the color of the resin may become darker, which means that the initial properties of the product are reduced. Because oxygen molecules have a strong suction, it can easily capture at high temperatures the weakest bond on the molecular chain of atoms, which may lead to the formation of conjugated large molecular ¦Ð bond, making the resin color looks more yellow. Resin color for the customer's meaning: the most important is the resin's ability to heat yellowing and aging resistance.

3. Unsatisfactory degree
To measure the amount of unreacted double bonds remaining in the molecular structure of petroleum resin, expressed as bromine or iodine. High degree of unsaturation, that the weather resistance and heat resistance is poor, easy to oxidation or carbon; but the degree of unsaturation is also easy grafting.

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