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Study on Raw Materials and Polymerization Process of Petroleum Resin

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Industrial production, with 10% NaOH aqueous solution to remove the catalyst, the solution color the lightest, but also the most economical. The polymer solution after the catalyst washing was removed with an aqueous solution of NaOH, and washed with 20% NaCl solution and then with water until it was washed with water until neutral. In order to ensure the washing effect of the NaOH aqueous solution, the temperature during the washing process is maintained at about 60C. After completion of the washing, the low-boiling hydrocarbon solvent is distilled off under reduced pressure to be recycled. However, if C5 polymer liquid viscosity is large, easily lead to C5 petroleum resin and water emulsion, separation difficulties, it is difficult to get the color of light resin. Therefore, the study of a wide range of adaptability, simple process post-processing method is to further improve product quality, reduce production costs of the important content.

The reason of the emulsification of the material in the 0.8 ¡Á 10 ^ 5 t /a C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin device and in the water washing process was analyzed, and the device was optimized on the basis of the small test. The results show that when the high viscosity resin liquid enters into the neutralization kettle from the polymerizer, the viscosity decreases rapidly and the insoluble small micelle appears, which is the main reason for the emulsification of the material. By adopting a modification method of adding a solvent dilution kettle between the polymerizer and the neutralization kettle, the viscosity of the resin liquid is first diluted to reduce the viscosity, and then the neutralization water washing system is entered to avoid the occurrence of the emulsification phenomenon. The pH value of the treated resin was 6 ~ 7, the water content was 470 ~ 650 ¦Ìg /g, and the chlorine content was 21 ~ 41 ¦Ìg /g, which reached the designed value.

With the rapid development of petrochemical industry, C5 fractions increase production, as well as petroleum resin research and development efforts continue to increase, petroleum resin production and application of more and more. Should focus on the petroleum resin raw materials and polymerization process research to solve the practical problems in the production process, and continuously improve the resin performance and quality.

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