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Effect of reaction temperature and post - treatment on the properties of C5 petroleum resin

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The influence of reaction temperature on the properties of C5 petroleum resin is mainly determined by the composition of C5 raw material.

Usually C5 petroleum resin used in the C5 fractions in the high content of olefin mixture, monomer activity is very high, usually at low temperature (0 ¡æ below) for mixing; aliphatic petroleum resin used in raw materials containing a large amount of inter-pentadiene, high reactivity, polymerization The temperature is usually below 30 ¡æ; alicyclic petroleum resin obtained by thermal polymerization of dicyclopentadiene, the reaction temperature is higher, but the reaction temperature on the conversion, resin softening point and hue a greater impact. The reaction temperature is high, the conversion rate is high, the resin hue is deep and the softening point is low. The reaction temperature is high, the conversion rate is high, and the softening point of the resin is low. Select the appropriate reaction temperature to improve the quality of C5 resin is very important.

The cationic polymerized C5 petroleum resin contains a catalyst, unpolymerized monomers and oligomers of relatively low molecular weight which need to be removed by suitable means to obtain good quality products. Removal of the catalyst is another key step in the synthesis of C5 petroleum resin. The removal of the catalyst will directly affect the performance of petroleum resin products, and will seriously affect the whole post-treatment process.

At present, the domestic and international catalyst removal generally alcohol washing, washing and dry cleaning of three process lines. The method of removing catalyst by water washing has the advantages of good effect, simple equipment, low cost and no corrosion, and proved to be a better process route of removing catalyst. The removal efficiency of the catalyst is shown in Table 1, using different aqueous solutions.

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