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Effect of Antioxidant on Properties of C5 Petroleum Resin

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C5 petroleum resin requires subsequent processing and mixing, which requires a certain degree of thermal aging resistance of the resin, it is necessary to add a certain amount of antioxidants to improve the oxidation resistance of the resin. It is difficult to completely meet all the processing and application requirements of various polymer resins and their products. The composite antioxidant can improve the shortcomings of single antioxidant, and it is the main research direction in recent years.

C5 petroleum resin heat-resistant agent related to formulations, patents and other issues, not many reports, of which dedicated antioxidant reported less. In U.S. Patent 4,164,427, Eastman provides a method for improving the oxidation resistance of petroleum resins. The method comprises the following steps: adding a certain amount of an antioxidant compounded by 2,2'-methylenebis (4-methyl-6-tert-butylphenol) (2246) and dihydrocarbyl thioester in the petroleum resin, Improve its antioxidant degradation ability. In addition, reported in the literature using Ciba's Irganox 1520 and Tinuvin 171 complex, as polycyclopentadiene antioxidant.

At present, the most widely used antioxidant is hindered phenolic main antioxidant, as well as phosphite esters and thiol esters auxiliary antioxidants. Antioxidant development direction is to further reduce costs in the synthesis of a single antioxidant is not too much new varieties, mainly through the use with other additives with the development of more efficient and more competitive antioxidant system , And now some companies began to develop ternary antioxidant system. Compared with the binary antioxidant system, ternary antioxidant system in high temperature oxidation performance is particularly prominent. Ciba Refining Company, represented by Irganox HP and XP series of ternary composite antioxidant has been listed, but the price is higher.

The development of special antioxidant varieties generally include two aspects: First, according to the structure of the antioxidant, morphology and application performance, select the best performance of its integrated application areas; Second, according to the polymer processing and application performance requirements, Different antioxidant composition of the composition of the special antioxidant varieties.

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