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Effect of AlCl3 on Performance of Petroleum Resin

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At present, researchers are studying some new catalysts, such as ionic liquid catalyst. As the liquid catalyst can be evenly distributed in the reaction solution for homogeneous catalysis, so the amount of catalyst is small, and can be recycled, is an ideal environment-friendly catalyst. A novel ionic liquid was used as a catalyst for the polymerization of petroleum resin. Chloroaluminate ionic liquid as a new type of functional catalyst, almost no vapor pressure, and in the alkylation reaction with the product easily separated, not only reduces the hue of petroleum resin, improve the softening point, and simplifies the post-processing process, Washing process does not occur emulsification. In the synthesis of C5 petroleum resin, the AlCl3 catalyst is used in the synthesis of ionic liquid, the reaction process is stable, the amount of catalyst is reduced, and the process of washing is reduced. The development and application of new ionic liquid catalyst is an important choice for improving the yield of petroleum resin, shortening the reaction time and improving the quality of products, improving the post-treatment process and reducing the post-treatment on environmental pollution.

Yu Tao, who uses a strong nitro compound as a complexing agent, and AlCl3 formation complex catalyst. The complex catalyst is khaki-colored transparent liquid, insoluble in reaction solvent and reaction product, and has strong catalytic activity and is easy to be separated. A light colored C5 petroleum resin with a hue of 4 (Gardner grade), a softening point of more than 90 ¡ã C, a yield of the active component of over 69% and a high transparency was prepared by using the catalyst. Li Jianzhou and others on the C5 petroleum resin hydrogenation catalyst were studied. The catalysts were prepared by the pretreatment of activated alumina and the catalyst active component screening. The catalyst was prepared by the following methods: palladium, 1.0% ~ 0.05%, rare earth metal Z-1, ( 0.5-0.05%; the main group metal Z-2,0.5% -0.05%; the transition metal Z-3, 0.2% -0.05%, the carrier is the active alumina. The stable operation of the experiment, its activity, life expectancy and imports of considerable catalyst can replace similar foreign products.

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