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Petroleum resin in some petrochemical developed countries

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The development of petrochemical industry a rich and inexpensive raw materials for the production of petroleum resin, petroleum resin in some petrochemical developed countries, the rapid development of production, such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, Britain and the Netherlands. The current world production capacity of about 400kt /a, the United States and Japan accounted for about 57% and 20%, Europe accounted for about 22%. The major US manufacturers are Exxon, Amoco, Picco, Uelsicol, and so on more than a dozen chemical companies, one of the largest production Canton is Exxon Corporation, C5 petroleum resin capacity of 150kt /a. Japan's manufacturers are Rui Weng, Mitsui Petrochemical, Japan's petrochemical, Fuji Shing Industrial Company. Western Europe mainly produces C5 petroleum resin has four companies, the production capacity of about 80kt /a.

Experts on the domestic petroleum resin production research and development made important recommendations:
In view of China's current oil resin production mainly by the characteristics of small and medium-sized production enterprises, it is recommended enterprises and research institutions to set up joint research and development efforts, while large enterprises to give full play to the advantages of oil production technology and equipment, and actively introduce Exxon, Eastman Foreign large companies of advanced technology, and strive in a relatively short period of time China's petroleum resin production and research and development to a new level.

However, as many production enterprises are private, restructuring involves a variety of issues. Especially in the oil, Sinopec, CNOOC and other monopoly giants of the oil resin production enterprises, more difficult to cross-enterprise restructuring.

Therefore, the price war will be a very long period of time, the most important means of competition until the industry downturn, loss of large enterprises, but survive most of the small businesses die, this is a long process.

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