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Petroleum resin production capacity of a serious surplus

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/1/11 18:44:42

At present, China's petroleum resin production enterprises about 60-80, the total production C9 resin, C5 /C9 copolymer resin, hydrogenation petroleum resin, production equipment to C9 petroleum resin, accounting for 70% of the total production capacity, C5 petroleum resin accounted for 30% of the total production capacity of more than 20 million tons.

Due to insufficient demand, the country C5 petroleum resin total output will be up to 30 million tons. Production of ordinary C5 petroleum resin business equipment idle seriously, start underemployment.

C9 petroleum resin accounted for 70% of the total petroleum resin, because there is little technical content, the threshold is very low, more small businesses, the total output plus the construction and proposed to be built, estimated at 200 million tons. Most of the devices are small in scale, single in variety and low in quality. In particular, the main quality indexes such as chromaticity and softening point of the product are unstable. Many devices are in the state of halted or semi-shutdown.

There are a number of domestic petroleum resin companies, in addition to the above mentioned, there are about 50 state-owned private, more private enterprises. Interestingly, a large number of petroleum resin companies mainly gathered in Henan and Shandong province, because both provinces are near to the oil field, and both of them have the developed market economy, forming a cluster effect.

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