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Characteristics and Application of Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin

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Hydrogenated petroleum resin and polyethylene and the compatibility of the preparation of the adhesive properties of adhesives have improved significantly. However, the intermolecular inductive effect is weakened (the intermolecular and its interaction with the polar material is reduced), and EVA (ethylene-co-glycolide) Vinyl acetate copolymer), high styrene content of SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) compatibility decreased (in such HMA, hydrogenated C5 resin should not be used alone, the proportion should also reduce the discretion of hydrogenated rosin complex Ester to get a relatively good effect). Aromatic C9 hydrogenated petroleum resin is mainly used for rubber HMPSA (hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive) and medical TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) modification (addition ratio is usually 10% to 25%), can reduce its melt viscosity, Cohesive strength, creep resistance and high temperature performance.

DCPD resin hydrogenation, the unsaturated bond disappeared, chemical stability increased, and the Mn is relatively small and retains the ring structure, and the matrix polymer rubber phase formation of molecular entanglement (with the matrix polymer force is greater than Straight-chain aliphatic hydrocarbon resin, and polar materials and non-polar materials have a relatively appropriate adhesive force). DCPD hydrogenated resin solubility parameters between the plastic phase and rubber phase (the same product stability and softening point is relatively high), especially for disposable sanitary materials (such as food packaging supplies, PSA tape, disposable paper Diapers and women's sanitary napkins and other types of HMA).

(1) Domestic hydrogenated petroleum resin has few category, the performance is not satisfactory, should increase the use of different raw materials preparation (different applications) hydrogenation of petroleum resin research efforts.

(2) The development of high activity, good stability and selectivity of the catalyst and the design of supporting the reactor, hydrogenation technology is the key to development. The increase of production scale and the simplification of process operation determine the continuous production process is an inevitable trend, so the construction of domestic production equipment and investment should be from the stability of the production process, the practicality of equipment and economic aspects of comprehensive consideration.

(3) The next few years, China's new C5 separation plant will focus on production, DCPD's supply increases. To meet the growing market demand, should speed up the petroleum resin industry high-end products (DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resin) production technology development, the rapid realization of petroleum resin hydrogenation technology localization.

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