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Market Status of Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin

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Catalysts are the key to the hydrogenation of petroleum resin technology. Some researchers have also studied the metal particle size, the density of metal particles, the particle size of catalyst and the pore diameter of the catalyst, so as to improve the activity stability of the catalyst and reduce the side reaction degradation reaction, and appropriate to reduce the manufacturing cost.

Hydrogenated petroleum resin has good viscosity, compatibility, thermal stability and light stability, and can improve the adhesive properties of adhesives, is essential for many adhesive components. At present, most of China's petroleum resin production enterprises (about 60-80) have smaller scale of production, single product and poor quality (especially the main quality indexes such as chromaticity and softening point are not stable), and their products are widely used limit. The international market of high-quality petroleum resin (color <2, softening point> 100 ¡æ) commonly used hydrogenation technology.

The past two years, China's HMA (hot melt adhesive) and PSA market is relatively large. According to "China's adhesive market and the" second five "development plan", China's HMA production (2011 ~ 2015) from 466,000 t to 861,000 t (CAGR of 16.6%). In the next five years, China's total demand for HMA will remain about 20% growth rate. From the future analysis of the domestic market supply and demand, high-grade C5 resin gap is relatively large (in many applications still rely on long-term import). At present, the market demand for hydrogenated petroleum resin surge (in 2012 C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin imports> 30,000 t), has been gradually replaced by hydrogenated petroleum resin source, the price is high and unstable rosin and terpene Resin. In addition, the price of hydrogenated petroleum resin is 2 times the ordinary petroleum resin (2012, the average price of hydrogenated petroleum resin is about 26,000 yuan / t), relatively large profit margins and a steady upward trend in prices. Therefore, research and production of high-end hydrogenated petroleum resin (high softening point, low color) is the inevitable trend of the future development of petroleum resin.

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