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Prospects of Petroleum Resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2017/1/4 17:26:16

It is expected that the world's hydrogenated petroleum resin will continue to grow, while the demand for ordinary petroleum resin is weak. The United States, Japan and other regions of the petroleum resin has entered a mature stage, is expected to slow growth in the future, and outside of Japan, Asia, the demand for petroleum resin increased rapidly. At present, the petroleum resin has entered the era of technological competition, a company competing to open more varieties, new grades and professional resin, to explore its application areas.

In recent years, with the development of ethylene industry, C9 petroleum resin production in China has made great progress. In the future, C9 petroleum resin hydrogenation modification is the focus of China C9 petroleum resin processing development. The C9 petroleum resin because of the dark color, more impurities, the relative molecular mass of large, in the catalyst surface stretching to form a high steric hindrance, more stringent requirements on the conditions, but also in the polymerization process will produce a gel, the catalyst requirements Higher, so the hydrogenation process, the type of catalyst demanding, although and C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin in some areas can replace each other, but because of its special requirements of the process lead to less production.

With the continuous development of economic development and application areas, C9 petroleum resin demand will continue to increase, increasingly fierce competition, and toward the hue of light, high thermal stability of the direction. C9 petroleum resin hydrogenation process is undoubtedly the field of petroleum resin in the future development of the focus. Will bring considerable economic benefits of the broad market prospects.

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