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Development Status of Petroleum Resin Downstream

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1, In the coatings industry, the use of C9 hydrogenated petroleum resin production road signs paint, can improve its durability and weather resistance, its life from the original 1 year can be extended to 3 years. Adhesive industry with hydrogenated C9 petroleum resin production of disposable diapers and special health adhesives, adhesives can significantly improve the color, mutual solubility and aging resistance.

2, Hydrogenated petroleum resin in the field of hot-melt adhesives are mainly used for high-grade hot-melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesive and other production. Pressure-sensitive adhesive products mainly for the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and pressure-sensitive labels, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape can be used as electrical insulation, all kinds of packaging sealing tape, printing labels with tape, medical surgical trauma cream and so on, a wide range of applications. Adhesives can be used with natural rubber, synthetic rubber or hot melt adhesive, are required to be accompanied by tackifier. In recent years, hydrogenated petroleum resin with its high peel strength, fast viscosity characteristics, began to gradually replace the resin and rosin resin and a dominant position, making hydrogenated petroleum resin in the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in the use of the ratio increased year by year, medicinal tape The amount is also gradually increased.

3, Hydrogenated petroleum resin can also be used with BOPP film copolymer PP resin, used in cigarette packaging shrink film and food packaging film field. The addition of hydrogenated petroleum resin has the effects of reducing the processing temperature, improving the optical properties, increasing the thermal shrinkage, increasing the elastic modulus, decreasing the heat-sealing temperature and increasing the heat-sealing strength of the BOPP film.

4, In addition, the domestic film and television industry has begun to use hydrogenated petroleum resin made of colorless "glass" windows, "glass" bottles, these molten hydrogenated petroleum resin made of "glass" products become hydrogenated petroleum resin is another emerging applications.

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