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Study on the Compatibility of Petroleum Resin

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The compatibility between petroleum resin and elastomer is an important factor to affect the adhesive strength of hot melt adhesive. The good compatibility of tackifying resin and elastomer can decrease the storage modulus of colloid. Under certain stress, the colloid and the sticky material is fully bonded; the two are incompatible, then the colloidal storage modulus increases, will reduce the adhesion of adhesive and sticky material. The compatibility between petroleum resin and elastomer is usually expressed by the wax mist point, which is the performance index related to the relative molecular weight and distribution of the resin and the polarity of the resin. The viscosity of the hot melt adhesive, peel strength plays an important balancing role. The lower the fogging point of the petroleum resin wax, the better the compatibility between the elastomer and the resin and the wax system, the higher the initial viscosity of the hot-melt adhesive, but the lower the viscosity.

The blends of S1S /RLPO (styrene-isoprene-styrene and ethyl acrylate-methyl methacrylate-trimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) were used as HMPSA (hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive). The effects of C5 petroleum resin on matrix resin compatibility and HMPSA adhesion were investigated. The results show that the Tg of the PS (polystyrene) phase is almost constant and the Tg of the PI (polyisoprene) phase is close to that of the C5 petroleum resin. With good compatibility, while the compatibility with the PS is relatively poor.

The compatibility of styrene - butadiene - styrene block copolymer (SBS) with hydrogenated C5 petroleum resin blends was investigated by dynamic mechanical analysis. The effects of ozone treatment on the blending system were investigated. The results show that when the amount of C5 petroleum resin is 50 phr, it has good compatibility with SBS soft segment polybutadiene and only one Tg. The polarity of C5 petroleum resin increased with the prolonging of ozone treatment time, and the compatibility between C5 petroleum resin and SBS after 120min and 60min ozone treatment was improved.

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