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Petroleum Resin Consumption and Consumption Structure

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C9 petroleum resin is the main production of petroleum resin products, mainly used in adhesives, paints, ink industry. Domestic C9 petroleum resin in the number of fully able to meet market demand, but many domestic C9 petroleum resin production enterprises scale is small, the purity of C9 petroleum resin product is not high, low quality, low price. Domestic petroleum resin exports are 103,000 tons in 2013.

In 2013 the total imports of petroleum resin is 79,000 tons, including hydrogenation of petroleum resin imports 55,000 tons, the domestic hydrogenation of petroleum resin dependence on the external 70%; domestic production of C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin is 23,000 tons, the import volume is 45,000 tons, the apparent consumption is 68,000 tons, mainly used in adhesives, rubber, high-grade road marking paint and other fields. Its imports mainly from the United States and Germany.

China has no C9 hydrogenation of petroleum resin device, consumption is mainly dependent on imports, import volume of both apparent consumption. In recent years, the domestic C9 hydrogenated petroleum resin imports remained at around 10,000 tons, mainly for hot melt adhesives, diapers and hygiene products. Imported products mainly from South Korea, Japan, China Taiwan and other regions.

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