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Production of Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/27 17:42:33

In 2013, there are about 60 domestic petroleum resin producers with total production capacity of 849,000 tons /year, of which C5 petroleum resin production capacity is 376,00 tons /year, C9 petroleum resin production capacity is 402,000 tons /year, C5 /C9 copolymer resin production capacity is 71,000 tons /year.

Domestic petroleum resin hydrogenation work started relatively late, while in the C9 hydrogenation of petroleum resin is still blank.

Due to C9 petroleum resin color is generally deep, thermal stability is poor, its application range is limited. With the downstream demand for high-end areas, many domestic research departments and schools are conducting petroleum resin hydrogenation catalyst and hydrogenation technology research and exploration, some companies are planning to build hydrogenated petroleum resin plant, some companies are planning to build C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin project.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the petroleum resin industry requirements to the shallow color, good stability and other aspects of development, but due to technical reasons, there is no domestic C9 hydrogenation of petroleum resin device, and ordinary C9 petroleum resin has not been met the downstream high-quality needs, improve the quality of petroleum resin products, the development of hydrogenation technology is the use of domestic C9 fractions of a general direction. The next few years, the domestic production of new hydrogenated petroleum resin capacity of about 142,000 tons /year, of which C9 hydrogenated petroleum resin 112,000 tons /year, by 2017 domestic hydrogenated petroleum resin production capacity will reach 174,000 tons /year.

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