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Petroleum resin consumption

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In 2012, world petroleum resin consumption is 100.9 million tons, of which hydrogenated petroleum resin consumption of about 316,000 tons, accounting for 31.3% of petroleum resin consumption. The United States and Japan are the world's leading consumers of petroleum resin, accounting for about two-thirds of the world's total consumption. US petroleum resin brand is complete, many brands, to meet the needs of various uses of the market. US petroleum resin 2/3 or more for pressure-sensitive adhesive, hot melt adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, sealant, etc.; Japan petroleum resin is mainly used in the field of ink, adhesives and sealants.

The world's hydrogenated petroleum resin is mainly used in adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, road signs paint, ink and rubber and other fields. In 2012, the world's hydrogenated petroleum resin used in adhesives, sealants in the field of consumption accounted for 63% of the total consumption; paint, coatings, road signs paint, ink and other fields accounted for 18%; rubber plastic alloy 14%; others 5%.

C5 petroleum resin has the advantages of low softening point, low odor and high cohesive force. It is mainly used in pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives and road marking paints.

C9 petroleum resins have relatively high odor, high softening point and poor compatibility. It is used in the fields of paints, inks and anticorrosive coatings.

After hydrogenation, the petroleum resin is saturated with the original double bond and benzene ring, and the residual halides and sulfur and nitrogen impurities in the polymerization process are removed. After hydrogenation can become white or transparent, transparency in hot-melt adhesives, adhesives and PP film modifier and other applications is very important, in addition, hydrogenation can also improve the adhesion, weatherability and for hot melt compatibility of EVA for glues. Therefore, the hydrogenated petroleum resin is widely used in hot melt adhesives, diapers and hygiene products, adhesives, new coatings, inks, highway signs paint and other fields.

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