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Modification of C5 Petroleum Resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/23 17:45:20

As a road marking paint ingredients on the higher demand for C5 petroleum resin, the current domestic production for road marking paint C5 petroleum resin main drawback is that heat stability is poor, poor mobility, low softening point, it is difficult to meet the road marking paint industry demand, the way to improve these shortcomings is mainly through the C5 petroleum resin modification, there are two main ways, namely, chemical modification and physical modification.

Physical modification mainly refers to the petroleum resin and other substances directly to the blending process. The commonly used physical modifiers are mainly antioxidants and plasticizers, such as polyethylene wax. Some chemical modification and physical modification of the combination of methods, such as the Japanese patent reported 0.4% of the maleic anhydride of C5 petroleum resin for chemical modification, and then 0.35% polyethylene wax for physical blending The petroleum resin with good performance can be used as hot-melt road marking paint.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of C5 petroleum resin as a road marking paint ingredient, it can also be modified chemically. There are two main ways of modification, one is hydrogenation modification, the C5 petroleum resin molecules in the double bond is added, thereby improving its color and antioxidant stability. Second, the chemical modification, that is, the introduction of polar molecules in the C5 petroleum resin molecules, or in the feed by adding modifiers such as monoolefins made of special properties of petroleum resin. In this paper, hydrogenation modification, maleic anhydride modification and silane modification were introduced.

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