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Performance requirements of petroleum resins for traffic sign paints

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/22 17:36:43

C5 petroleum resin at room temperature is a solid thermoplastic low molecular weight polymer, the average molecular weight is generally between 1000-2000. As the petroleum resin is amorphous material, it does not have a certain melting point, usually using the global method to determine the softening point. Softening point is to determine the use of petroleum resin important performance indicators, the current domestic production of petroleum resin softening point can be divided into 80-110 ¡æ and 110-160 ¡æ two series. The physical properties of petroleum resin, such as hue, compatibility, softening point, melt viscosity, acid value, iodine value, etc., are the main indexes to identify the performance of petroleum resin and also the important factor to determine petroleum resin application field. In addition to the above basic requirements, but also requires the resin has good mobility, filler dispersion, no sedimentation, high wear resistance, good thermal stability, drying speed, etc., to get excellent performance of the road signs paint special resin, generally require modification of the C5 petroleum resin.

With the continuous development of traffic construction, road marking paint industry for the C5 petroleum resin demand is growing, more and more demanding. From the future domestic and international market supply and demand analysis, high-grade C5 petroleum resin gap is large, in many applications will be long-term dependence on imports, from the quality requirements of petroleum resin production of softening point, low hue weathering resin, copolymer resin, modified DCPD resin, colorless hydrogenated petroleum resin and special resin is the main direction of the future development of petroleum resin.

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