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Application Prospect of C5 Petroleum Resin in Road Marking

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Road signs and road marking with paint, commonly known as road marking paint, there are room temperature type, heating type and melting type. The resin of the road marking paint mainly includes acrylic resin, alkyd resin, chlorinated rubber, modified alkyd resin, epoxy resin, petroleum resin and so on. The petroleum resin has the advantages of low cost and excellent performance compared with other resins, resin for concrete or asphalt pavement have good adhesion, and good wear resistance and water resistance, in addition to petroleum resin and inorganic have a good affinity, coating easy, good weather resistance, fast drying, high firmness. Petroleum resin can not only improve the physical and chemical properties of coatings, such as hardness, impact strength and bending strength, but also to improve its resistance to UV and weather resistance, the longest life of up to 3 years.

According to the road construction plan, by 2020, all domestic with more than 500,000 population of large cities will be connected by high-grade highway network, the total mileage of 3 million km highway, 80,000 km highway paint is 1 t /km. With the rapid development of highway construction in China and Southeast Asian countries, the demand for traffic coatings, white and yellow, made mainly of C5 petroleum resin, has maintained a strong demand. Japan, the world's major supplier of petroleum resin to the Asian region, a substantial increase in exports, Japan is expected to export 250,000 oil resin for the C5 traffic paint. Industry analysts said that with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the successful application of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, China's expressway network will further rapid development. By 2020, China's existing five North-South Line and seven East-West Expressway network will develop into 13 North-South Line and 15 East-West Highway network. During the period, China's demand for transportation coatings, including resins, will grow at an average annual rate of 40-50%. China's current production capacity of C5 petroleum resin, from the future analysis of the domestic market supply and demand, high-grade C5 petroleum resin gap is large, in many applications will be long-term dependence on imports.

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