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1,3-piperlene petroleum resin

author£ºadmin Date£º2016/12/21 17:43:26

C5 petroleum resin, especially the higher-grade petroleum resin, has the advantages of light color, moderate softening point, good tackifying effect and so on. It is mainly used in road marking paint, adhesive and so on. As a result, petroleum resin products with relatively large molecular weight distribution and large number of relative molecular masses were directly used as raw materials, and when they were used in road marking paint, the melt viscosity was too high so that the poor mobility of products, processing is not easy to use; for adhesives, the tacky effect is not significant. These shortcomings limit the application of petroleum resin products.

According to the literature, foreign petroleum resin production, do not use too high quality fractions (> 70%) of the 1,3-piperlene as raw materials, and synthetic petroleum resin, often in the pentadiene material mixed with a certain amount of C4-C9 mono-olefins such as 2-methyl-2-butene, isobutylene, dipropylene /butene, etc., as the chain transfer agent in the polymerization process to control the relative molecular mass and relative molecular mass distribution, And to improve its tackifying properties.

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