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1,3-piperlene in the application of petroleum resin and other aspects

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Piperylene in C5 petroleum resin fractions in the content of 10% to 15%, is also one of the more content components. Piperylene has cis, trans two structures, mainly used in the manufacture of petroleum resin, terpene resin, hydrogen curing resin manufacturing agent, coating ink and adhesives.

In addition to the use of petroleum resin in the pentadiene, another major use is curing agent: methyl tetrahydrophthalic anhydride, methyl hexahydrophthalic anhydride, methyl cyclohexene, tetracarboxylic acid anhydride, etc., can also be used for inter-pentadiene Synthesis of spices, can produce leaf alcohol, and further synthesis of 17 kinds of esters, are very valuable effects expected. Production of unsaturated alcohols, esters, ethers, can be used as coatings and unsaturated polyester raw materials. Liquid oligomers of p-pentadiene can be used in epoxy resins and thermosetting acrylic powder coatings, phenolic resins, adhesives, epoxies, inks, waterborne coatings, road marking materials, greases and synthetic oils. Ethylene and styrene and acrylonitrile terpolymer and SBR mixed with synthetic leather can be made porous.

Production process is usually raw materials between the pre-treatment of pentadiene after de-inhibitor polymerization in toluene solvent AlCl3 as catalyst for anionic catalytic polymerization, and after the filter out of the catalyst, remove the solvent and then stripping, cooling and forming (softening point> 90 ¡æ, the yield is about 80%), changing the raw material composition, catalyst and operating conditions can produce different properties and models of the petroleum resin of p-pentadiene. Products are widely used in rubber adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, with the SIS thermoplastic rubber manufacturing pressure-sensitive adhesive, thermoplastic resin can improve the printing and adhesion, for hot-melt road marking paint. In order to make the pentadiene petroleum resin have a variety of practical functions, to expand its application market, can be carried out with a variety of monomers copolymerization modification and research, such as the introduction of C5 in the decomposition of C9 copolymer of the two, and has the characteristics of aliphatic and aromatic resins to improve the compatibility of the original resin, heat resistance and weather resistance.

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