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Study on synthesis of SIS block copolymers from cracked C5 petroleum resin and styrene

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The block copolymer of styrene and isoprene (SIS) was prepared by using styrene (St) and isoprene (IP) as monomers and alkyl lithium (RLi) as initiator in hydrocarbon solvent Anion solution polymerization process to produce the product, is styrene thermoplastic elastomer series of products. Because of its good rheological, corrugated sealing and high temperature retention, compatibility with other blending resins is also very good, it is the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive and hot melt adhesive is the ideal raw material, its use accounted for SIS total output of 90 /1,3-piperlene; With the development of adhesive production, SIS has also been rapid development. However, since the advent of SIS, has been the use of high-purity isoprene as raw material production, because it is difficult to get high-purity isoprene cheap, resulting in SIS prices remain high. From the late seventies, some foreign companies have been considering the use of mixed C5 petroleum resin as raw material, direct synthesis of isoprene rubber and SIS block copolymer.

The refined C5 petroleum resin (ie, low purity isoprene, with isoprene content of 45 ~ 55%) was synthesized from the C5 petroleum resin by the by-product cleavage of ethylene plant. The SIS was synthesized with styrene, Which reduces the production cost of SIS and opens up a new way for the synthesis of SIS and the comprehensive utilization of C5 petroleum resin.

Study on C5 petroleum resin refining process for synthesis of SIS:
The main steps of the process of refining the cracked C5 petroleum resin fraction include using the thermal polymerization method to make the cyclopentadiene in C5 petroleum resin as dimeric dicyclopentadiene as possible as possible; the C5 petroleum resin fraction after thermal polymerization is rectified to collect the middle distillate enriched in isoprene; By chemical treatment of isoprene enriched in the C5 petroleum resin fractions in a small amount of cyclopentadiene, remove water, alkynes, oxygen and other trace impurities.

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