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Synthesis of methyl tertiary amyl ether(TAME) by C5 petroleum resin

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C5 petroleum resin isopentyl have reaction with methanol in acid catalyst to form methyl tert-amyl ether (TAME), known as the etherification reaction. TAME is an excellent gasoline blending component. The C5 fractions are produced by the etherification process to produce TAME, and the mixed components containing TAME can also be produced directly as gasoline blending components.

CDTECH's catalytic distillation process:
CDTECH (ICI and CR & L Associates) was initially focused on the development of catalytic distillation technology in the industrial production of MTBE. Since 1981, the first set of MTBE devices to achieve industrialization, to the present has been built using this technology 90 sets of devices. The company continues to develop its technology to make the technology suitable for the synthesis of TAME, ETBE and so on.
Catalytic distillation process is the most advanced synthesis of TAME technology. The process of low energy consumption, low investment, but the technical requirements. CDTECH company has three kinds of TAME synthesis technology, namely CD-TAME, CDETHEROL, CDISOTAMWE.

UPO Ethermax Process:
The UPO Ethermax process (HOLS-UOP-KOCH process) combines conventional fixed-bed MTBE process technology (HOLS process) with KOCH Engineering-specific reactive distillation (RWD) technology to convert olefins higher than conventional fixed-bed reactors. The conversion rate of isopentene in the TAME apparatus was increased from 70% to 91% in the conventional process.
HOLS company's conventional fixed-bed process is characterized by adaptable to changing the composition of raw materials to produce a variety of products.

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